In Poland, as in many other countries, the most popular sport is football. In our country there are almost six thousand professional teams competing on different levels.

One of those teams is Brwinów Red Dragons. You can say a lot good things about this group… but playing football is not one of them. “The Dragon Spring” tells the story about this team and their coach Paweł, who tries to get the Dragons up from their knees.

About panel 1

The story is based on the events that took place during the spring round. It’s very emotional and full of surprises, because football, just like life – can sometimes be painfully predictable or utterly surprising.

The film begins when a young, 25-year-old coach Paweł, who dreams of becoming the coach of the Arsenal London, comes to Mikołaj, the president of the Red Dragons football club and offers to coach the Dragons team. Paweł is extremely motivated but soon faces serious obstacles. Only two or three players show up to the training sessions. Moreover, the relationship with club’s president, quite good at the beginning, starts to heavily degrade. Paweł realizes that the job will be more demanding than he expected…

“The Dragon Spring” is a story about outsiders and their pure passion for life. In wider perspective this is a story about the harsh and ruthless reality that governs the world of football. The microcosm of Dragons is in fact the macrocosm of a sport as such and football in particular.

About panel 2

genre: documentary
country of production: Poland
production year: 2017
length: about 50′


DirectorJarosław Wszędybył
ScreenplayJarosław Wszędybył
CameraMichał Opala
EditingArkadiusz Iwaniuk, Ziemowit Jaworski
MusicKrzysztof A. Janczak
Artistic supervisionAnna Kazejak
Executive producerKarolina Śmigiel
Chief of productionKatarzyna Kucia
ProductionUNI-SOLO Studio Sp. z o.o.
Co-financingPolski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
English translationMichał Baran
Video post-productionZiemowit Jaworski