“The Dragon Spring” tells a story about passion and fighting against adversity. The main character of the movie – 25-year-old Pawel, dreams of becoming a coach of Arsenal London. But it’s a long way to go. For now, instead of the dreams is the brutal reality.


About panel 1

As an inexperienced, young coach in Poland, where the story plays out, Pawel has nothing to do with Arsenal’s glory. Contrary. The first independent job he is undertaking is coaching Red Dragons, the worst football team in the whole country.

But it doesn’t matter for him. Young coach is extremely motivated. Unfortunately very soon he faces serious obstacles. Only two or three players show up to the training sessions. Moreover, the relationship with the club’s president, quite good at the beginning starts to heavily degrade. Pawel realizes that the job he undertook is more demanding than he expected…

“The Dragon Spring” is a sports drama about the harsh and ruthless rules of the sport but the sport is not one and only subject of this movie. “The Dragon Spring” is much more. It’s a universal and powerful story about dreams and dreamers, about losers who never give up, about fighting against the adversity of fate, about friendship and solidarity.

This is a thrilling voice which tells, that even if we are at the bottom, we can be the winners at the end of the road. Everything is up to us. Especially our own life.

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documentary film
country of production: Poland
production year: 2017
length: 57′


DirectorJarosław Wszędybył
ScreenplayJarosław Wszędybył
CameraMichał Opala
EditingZiemowit Jaworski, Arkadiusz Iwaniuk
MusicKrzysztof A. Janczak
Artistic supervisionAnna Kazejak
ProducerKarolina Śmigiel
Chief of productionKatarzyna Kucia
ProductionUNI-SOLO Studio
Co-financingPolish Film Institute
English translationMichał Baran
Video post-productionZiemowit Jaworski


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